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CBD Healing Salve

CBD Healing Salve

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About my salve...

CBD Healing salve is lovingly home made.

Locally sourced, and the best ingredients including organic coconut oil and Beeswax. Other ingredients include Magnesium olive and hemp seed oils, vitamin C as sodium ascorbate, colloidal silver, home made lavender oil. Plus other Essential oils including, ylang ylang frankincense Neroli bergamot & honeysuckle.  

Pain Relief

I made this oil specifically to help with any kind of pain your having in any area of your body. I created this initially for friends and family. The feel of the salve is a silky smooth texture with light aromas.


Use where, and as often as needed in your area of pain.


Can also be used as a sunscreen, and for eczema  and other skin conditions. Can also be used on pets. Comes in a 60 ml dark glass container.
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